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BGFecosolution - biodegradable plastic news NEWS


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žTechnological Competitiveness

What’s better than existing technology

  • 01

    Foaming technology

    Proprietary BGFecosolution technology applied to give PLA foaming properties

  • 02

    Foam extrusion technology

    Propriety foaming process
    for PLA foam

  • 03

    Thermoforming technology

    Product design and thermoforming
    technology appropriate
    for PLA foam

BGFecosolution has developed
a range of technology

  • BGFecosolution owns patents including PLA foam-optimized process technology.
  • BGFecosolution’s proprietary foaming technologies produce foam sheets and thermoformed products.
  • By overcoming difficulties of foaming PLA and giving PLA foamability, BGFecosolution can improve PLA functionality and reduce production costs.
pla foam biodegradable
  • BGFecosolution owns patents including PLA foam-optimized process technology.
  • Production of homogeneous PLA foam, which is impossible to achieve using conventional plastic foaming processes.
  • Superior mechanical properties - thermal resistance, durability, insulation and cushioning - for substitution of conventional single-serve products made with PS, PP or pulp, etc.
pla foam technology - BGFecosolution

žCore Technology Development Milestones

PLA foam - BGFecosolution

Jul. 2003~

  • PLA foam sheet developed
  • PLA non-foam sheet and coating/laminating technology developed
  • Environmentally friendly biodegradable resin compounding technology developed
  • Dedicated PLA foam extrusion mechanical device developed
  • PLA foam sheet pressure and vacuum molding developed
  • PLA thermal resistant foam sheet developed
  • PLA antibacterial sheet and molded products developed, PBAST raw material and foam sheet developed

to present

Competitive Advantage

Item Petroleum-based plasticfoam
BGFecosolution core technology
Strength of foam product △ ~ ○ -
Food contact safety Harmful substances
(endocrine disruptors)
No harmful substances
(endocrine disruptors)

Fully FDA compliant

Biodegradability X O

90% or greater biodegradation
in 180 days at 58℃
under industrial composting conditions

Compostability X O

Compostability for industrial applications

Soil toxicity Microplastics, endocrine disruptors No Soil toxicity

Soil toxicity testing


Cross-linked PS unrecyclable; Recovered PLA is recyclable

Incineration characteristics Quick combustion, dark exhaust fume, harmful gases No dark exhaust fume and no harmful gases

With increased PLA use, incineration has potential as an environmentally friendly electric power generation option

CO2 reductions X
(CO2 neutral)

PLA is plant-derived, with less CO2 generated compared to conventional products from raw materials preparation to final production

Antibacterial properties X

BGFecosolution produces PLA foam products with antibacterial properties

žProduction Process

Production process